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  • Do you believe that God is a fool? 

  • Do you believe that Jesus committed treason?

  • Do you wonder why there are killings in the schools?

  • Do you wonder why businesses are failing?

  • Do you think about the lies being feed to us by the Government?

  • Just how far away would you say that Solomon's Temple was from the city of Jerusalem?

      20 Miles, 15 Miles, 10 Miles, 5 Miles, 1 Mile, or would you say that the Temple was in the city of Jerusalem ?

  • After the fall of Lucifer from Heaven, do you believe God needed Lucifer (the Devils) help in anyway?

  • Do you believe Jesus needed Lucifer (the Devils) help in anyway?

  • Do you believe the Holy Ghost / Spirit needed Lucifer (the Devils) help in anyway?

  • If someone says one thing and does something else - would you believe what they say or believe the actions they perform? Like the one saying goes: Actions speak louder than words!

  • If someone invited you to a place - and did not set up room for you to be there, how would you fill about it?

  • If you were handicap and they didn't have enough handicap parking places for you to park, how would you fill?


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